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An ERASMUS+ project offering a digital training program to help prepare and educate Adult Education staff to approach and educate adults with learning or behavioral difficulties and disabilities.

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Targeted for Adult Education professionals with busy schedules.

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Knowledge checks and live feedback to enhance learning.

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The Project

The project’s focus is on adults with learning and behavioural difficulties and disabilities and adult educators working in different adult education programmes, as inclusion and individualisation need to be achieved at the lowest level of the education system where adult education staff working directly with the target group has the main role in achieving the desired goal.

Training the trainers in adult education to be able to work with a diverse group of adults with disabilities by applying an individualized approach, will contribute to increasing the quality and the offer of adult education programs for adults with special educational needs and disabilities. Adults with disabilities will thus have a greater choice in further education, improvement of their own competencies, and active involvement in society tailored to their abilities.

The project aims to achieve the following objectives:

– Equalize learning and education opportunities for adults with learning and behavioural difficulties and disabilities

– Provide support and training to adult educators facing difficulties in responding to the needs of adults with disabilities and increase their capacity to adjust the teaching process to their needs

– Encourage the creation of inclusive environment within the adult education system

Project Courses

A wide array of courses made available by the R(AE)L Inclusion project partners within languages and topics


UNIT 1 Who are the Adults with Learning/Behavioural Difficulties and Disabilities?

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